Most frequent questions and answers

You may cancel and receive a full refund of pre-service costs up until 48 hours before the service date & time. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours before service are only eligible to receive a 50% refund and cancellations made at and on the day of service are not eligible for a refund.

The TecMe Service and Support Fee is applied to every TecMe service and is used to help promote and support: 

  • Training, tools, and immediate support to Technicians
  • Security and operative safety for users protection
  • Development of customer support channels and team

Our Technicians bring a lot of personal skills, experience, and certifications to the platform but they are not officially licensed, tech professionals. Techs are independent contractors working for themselves and are not employed by TecMe. 

TecMe is a platform that connects clients to technicians and does not offer professional services.

Depending on where the service takes place will change the payment process:

  • In-Home – at the booking of the service you pay for the fixed price of having a Tech come to your house. After service completion, your Tech will invoice you the amount due for completed services and any expenses made to complete the service. 
  • Remote – services that are remote will be paid-in-full at the booking of the service.

All services are to be fulfilled IN-APP. While completing a service made through the TecMe Platform Users nor Techs should never accept or provide payment outside of the app

At service booking you will provide a date and time range that is ideal for you. When your Tech accepts the service and chats with you, he/she will then send a specific time and duration to you to either accept or propose a different time within the chat.

TecMe is unique in that we decided to have our Techs solve issues instead of providing solutions. Because of the numerous ways technology is made, breaks, and slows down, we don’t have you pay until the problem is solved through the invoice. 

You may ask, “Well how will I know how much it is to solve my issue?” And to that your Tech should always notify you of the price to solve an issue BEFORE the issue is solved.

TecMe Support is available 24/7 through your an in-app chat channel located by selecting the “Inbox” button on your navigation bar.

TecMe through its onboarding process ensures the quality of its Technicians by:

  • Having potential Techs submit a detailed application that is reviewed by the Onboarding Team
  • A background check is then run on the provider always including notional criminal and sex offender searches as well as a driver’s license upload
  • A provider also has the option to select a full certified check where they also submit an SSN verification check and a County Criminal Records Search

You can currently modify a service request only by direct contact. If needed, just send a message through the TecMe Support channel located within your Inbox.

 Your Tech is responsible for asking and confirming that he/she will have the needed tools before officially scheduling the service. However if you know your issue requires a specific tool that might be hard to obtain, please notify your Tech directly or let them know that you will be providing that tool. 

Every TecMe Technician must:

  • Submit an application and be accepted by the TecMe Team
  • Have and submit a U.S. Social Security Number for the background check
  • Pass the mandatory background check
  • Have a functioning bank account with a financial institution
  • Have a smartphone

Yes, every Tech can access a user’s view of the app by navigating to their profile and tapping the “Switch to User” button.

To join, create a profile, and view service requests TecMe is completely free. From then on, you retain 80% of all service earnings from fulfilling service requests on TecMe. On occasion a Tech might have to buy an item to complete a service, any expenses incurred by the Tech to complete a service successfully will be reimbursed in full by the customer within the invoice.

After the TecMe team reviews and accepts your application you will be sent a link to complete a 3rd party background check with our partner, ProHub. Follow the instructions in their interface to complete the background check. After the check is run, TecMe will be in touch to give you access to your Tech profile interface. 

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